The Cheesecake Factory Feedback – $10 Coupon

Get $10 off your next meal at The Cheesecake Factory by giving them your feedback.

The Cheesecake Factory is one of our favorite restaurants, with huge servings of great-tasting food. It’s a place to avoid if you’re on a diet! If you’re not dieting, though, you’ll definitely want to go again, so that’s why The Cheesecake Factory’s $10 feedback offer is so appealing.

Look at the bottom of your Cheesecake Factory receipt. You’ll find a survey code listed there, which you can enter at in order to access the online customer survey form. You must use this code within 3 days of your meal, otherwise it won’t be valid anymore.

Complete the survey in full and you’ll receive a $10 gift card that can be used on your next visit to The Cheesecake Factory! That’s a pretty good deal.